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“The secret of success of any relationship is based on the love compassion and bonding with which it starts. Smita and Saurabh are the names who convert every event into ceremony, every ceremony into memory and a memory into a lifelong smile by thier charismatic way of handling every moment of the occasion. The signature style of their work is that they connect everyone and give beautiful memories and lifelong relationship to not only for couple but for every members of the both the families.”

Under the leadership of Smita Gupta & Saurabh Gupta, our company “Wedlock Services” has enjoyed continuous growth since 2009. We take personal care in client handling, identifying their requirements and then suggesting various innovative ideas for a new feel to the event.

What We Do?

Although it seems a simple question, the answer to “What We Do?” changes with each and every client we decide to work with. This unpredictability is one of the main reasons of our many work areas. We enjoy a dynamic and unpredictable (but exciting!) working environment.

Even if you’ve, the bride/ groom family, checked everything off your list, a Wedding Day Coordinator is a necessity so that everyone especially you can relax and enjoy the most precious moments you’ve been working toward.

Why Us?

Well, “A good wedding planner can save you 10 to fiteen percent on your wedding,” says a leading business news channel, CNBC.com. You might wonder how a wedding planner can save you money….Click Here